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A word of thanks from Holy Cross Picnic Chairpersons, Mike and Tina Reignier

We would like to thank the entire parish community for once again helping to make the parish picnic a success. The total revenue has not yet been determined but it appears that the parish proceeds will be approximately $30,000.

The picnic chairpersons are listed below. Without the hard work and dedication of these devoted parishioners the picnic would not be possible. If you happen to see any of these individuals please take a minute to offer some appreciation for a job well done.

Beer Tent
Karl Lau

Cathy Zehms
Nikki Goral

Food Stand
Mary Peterson
Scott May

Ginny Lardinois
Shirley VanEgeren

Tara Quidzinski
Kimi Kelly

Connie Brownell
Debbie Roeder

Don & Shirley Jacobs
Paul Heim

Silent Auction
Tina Reignier
Stacy Lau

Set Up/Tear Down
Eric Rakers

Saturday Pre-Picnic
Karl & Stacy Lau

In addition to the chairpersons, there were many needed volunteers. A very special “thank you” to Tara Quidzinski for taking on the role of organizing the volunteer line-up and working feverishly (even after the picnic began) to fill every necessary opening. This list of volunteers was ever changing with last minute additions and cancellations. It would be impossible to list everyone who volunteered so on behalf of the entire picnic committee we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to those who came forward and contributed toward the success of the 2008 Holy Cross Parish Picnic.

With sincere thanks,

Mike and Tina Reignier

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