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Patrimony of Holy Cross Church Restored by Parishioners

These chalices and paten were given to the Holy Cross Parish Family in 1927 by the VanLanen family. Because they were used on a regular basis, over the years the finish gradually wore off.

Three Holy Cross families have generously donated funds to have the set restored: Jim and Nancy Gapinski, Richard and Sylvia Corbeill, and Norb and Joan Jadin.

Fr. Tom commented that he considers these treasures to be the patrimony of Holy Cross Parish, and they will be used for special parish events. The chalices and paten will be on display for Mass soon, and Fr. Tom will detail their history and meaning in his homily.

(ABOVE) The Paten: a small shallow plate or disc of precious metal upon which the element of bread is offered to God at the Offertory of the Mass. The Holy Cross paten depicts the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

(ABOVE) The Chalice: the cup in which the wine and water of the Eucharistic Sacrifice is contained.

(ABOVE & BELOW) The Ciborium: the vessel used to contain the Blessed Sacrament.

The cover of the ciborium is adorned by a lamb and a cross, symbolizing Jesus as the Lamb of God.

Both the chalice and ciborium contain 12 white gold insets featuring the twelve apostles. The apostles are identified by their name inscribed in each halo. The center ring in between the base and the cup spell out "Jesus."

The inscription beneath the chalice and ciborium reads: "In memory of Fr. Edward Daems who founded Bay Settlement Parish in 1852." There is an additional inscription beneath the chalice that reads: "Refinished by Norb and Joan Jadin in honor of Fr. Edward LeMieux, a son of Holy Cross Parish and uncle of Joan -- 2008."

(Definitions of paten, ciborium and chalice are from the New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia.)

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