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July 12/13 From the Pastor's Desk...

My Dear Parishioners,

On June 30th of this year our two Parish Trustees, Joe Thibaudeau (Temporal/Financial) and Mike Reignier (Spiritual/Pastoral), completed their terms of service to our Parish Family. On behalf of the entire parish community, I want to express my very deep gratitude to both Joe and Mike for the excellent service that they have given to our parish. During their term of office, a significant number of changes and policies have taken place and have been incorporated into the way we do things, all of which have moved our parish forward. I could list them all here but that would take up the entire space of this bulletin letter. So instead, Joe and Mike, THANK YOU for your service, and I know that you will continue to give of your time, talent and treasure to Holy Cross Parish Family.

On July 1st our newly elected Parish Trustees began their terms of office. Our Temporal/Financial Trustee is Dan Drossart and our Pastoral/Spiritual Trustee is John Majeski -- both of whom are active and participating members of our parish family. Just to let you know some of their duties -- they oversee the management of the parish's financial and temporal facilities, they are signers for all parish checks, they are ex officio members of the finance committee and pastoral council, respectively, and most of all they are my close advisers in my job as pastor. I welcome them to their positions as Pastor of Holy Cross, and I want them to know that I appreciate their willingness to give of their time and talent to serve our parish family.

In the event that you have not stopped by, I invite you to drive past the construction site for our two new classrooms. A great deal of activity has been taking place, and you can see the result of a lot of hours of work for the good of our children. If you would like to be a part of this endeavor, please call the school office -- there are hundreds of opportunities for all to be a part of this project which, by the "GRACE" of God, is taking place.

In spite of the initial rain and the cloudy skies, our Annual Parish Picnic was a big success. We sold all the food, pies, and booyah, and the raffle and games were fun and enjoyable to all who took part in them. A big thank you to our chairpersons and all who gave of their time and talent. We should have all the figures completed by next week, and you will receive a full picnic report at that time. A list of raffle and auction winners are posted on the doors at the entrance to church congratulations to all the winners!

All in all, we as a parish family have much to be thankful for -- don't forget to say a Thank You to God!

Oremus pro invicem,
Fr. Tom

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