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HCCS Addition Update

It's been a busy week of constructing up at Holy Cross Catholic School! See below for the construction progress over the past week or so.

(ABOVE) The footings were poured...

and then the next day the foundation walls were poured.

Tom Bell backfills with a compactor. Backfilling brings the grade on the inside of the footings up to a level that allows the flatwork to be poured level with the existing school floor.

The volunteer crew demolished the brick from the existing school where the new addition will be attached.

That same evening, after removing the brick, the construction crew laid down foam insulation around the perimeter, covered the interior in a sheet of plastic and laid down wire mesh to reinforce the concrete. This was the final prepwork before the concrete flatwork was poured.

The concrete is in!

Framing begins.

(SATURDAY) Framing continues and by the end of the day the sheathing is on.

(SUNDAY) The view from the future classroom.

Next steps:
- Setting the roof trusses.
- Roof sheathing and tar-paper
- Shingling

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